#MySpace. How I setup to work. Part 2

With the benefits of the wide screen set out, lets talk about how I’m using it to its fullest potential.

I’m still in the process of working out the exact set up that I like best, but I’ve been playing around. The truth is that the best option depends on what I’m doing. If I’m doing something where there is minimal interaction with the application, they I am loving the set up below. Basically, maximise the IDE, and open up everything you could ever want. It’s great!!!

VBA IDE on Ultra Wide Screen.png

Sometimes, I’m working on something that requires interactions with the OS/File System, or host App, etc, in this case, I use a setup like the one I have mocked up below.

VBA IDE on Ultra Wide Screen With SplitScreenREV.png

As you can see in the above screenshot, the screens are spaced out in a sort of grid, and for this I use WinSplit Revolution (11.04). I spent some time setting up a few “templates” for possible windows configurations. I have not got it quite right, but I’m understanding the “workflow” around the screen a bit more, and have a few more ideas to try. Of course, each person will probably have a  different ideal layout.

BTW, I looked at at least 10, maybe more, screen layout utilities and I can honestly say that WinSplitRevolution is hands down the best – not to complex, not to limited. There are loads and loads out there, but if you want to save yourself the time and effort go for WinSplit. Its a bit of a pain to set the layouts up (i.e. defining the windows size and postion) but once thats done it the best to use by far.


#MySpace. How I setup to work. Part 1

#MySpace, get it! When I was at Dicks a few weeks ago, he was talking about his standing desk and two screen set-up. I think like most devs, how I have my systems and environment set-up to work in is really important to me.

I have been thinking about what the best screen set-up is for a while now, at least the last 3 years, and for a number of factors I ended up with 1 34″ ultra-widescreen. Dicks post made me go out and buy. But getting some money from a lodger funded it!


It’s a DELL U3415W, and cost about £620 delivered. Quite an investment in a screen, but I reason that screens last a very long time, and bring a lot of the party. I’ve only had this for a short while, but so far its excellent, I find it much better than the 2 screen config I have at work. Frankly at this point the thought of working on one 24″ screen makes me feel bad. Here’s the work set-up. Still nice, but not as nice!


So, what are the main difference. Apart from resolution, the DELL is much higher, which is nice, the main thing I love about the ultrawide in the centring issue. With the 2 screens, I have to have one “main” screen, and one off at the side, you can see this in the picture.  Maybe a 3 screen set up would avoid this and be even better, the physically distinct spaces of the two screens is probably better than just the one, but I can’t run 3 screens (without heart ache), from my laptop, plus space, power etc, so that’s that really!

Over all, the new screen is working great. I will add more parts to the series over time, keyboard, mouse, note pads, pens, desks, chairs,… walls, yes I said walls… all good stuff to waste time thinking about!