#MySpace. How I setup to work. Part 1

#MySpace, get it! When I was at Dicks a few weeks ago, he was talking about his standing desk and two screen set-up. I think like most devs, how I have my systems and environment set-up to work in is really important to me.

I have been thinking about what the best screen set-up is for a while now, at least the last 3 years, and for a number of factors I ended up with 1 34″ ultra-widescreen. Dicks post made me go out and buy. But getting some money from a lodger funded it!


It’s a DELL U3415W, and cost about £620 delivered. Quite an investment in a screen, but I reason that screens last a very long time, and bring a lot of the party. I’ve only had this for a short while, but so far its excellent, I find it much better than the 2 screen config I have at work. Frankly at this point the thought of working on one 24″ screen makes me feel bad. Here’s the work set-up. Still nice, but not as nice!


So, what are the main difference. Apart from resolution, the DELL is much higher, which is nice, the main thing I love about the ultrawide in the centring issue. With the 2 screens, I have to have one “main” screen, and one off at the side, you can see this in the picture.  Maybe a 3 screen set up would avoid this and be even better, the physically distinct spaces of the two screens is probably better than just the one, but I can’t run 3 screens (without heart ache), from my laptop, plus space, power etc, so that’s that really!

Over all, the new screen is working great. I will add more parts to the series over time, keyboard, mouse, note pads, pens, desks, chairs,… walls, yes I said walls… all good stuff to waste time thinking about!


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